Three Chiropractic Myths Debunked
Three Chiropractic Myths Debunked

Three Chiropractic Myths Debunked

Over the last years, a number of myths regarding chiropractic medicine have been created. While the majority of these myths have no basis, they do exist and cause some confusion to individuals unfamiliar with chiropractic care. Here we will deal with the three most common myths. They are:

  • Spinal Adjustments Hurt
  • Chiropractics Only Treat Back 
  • Chiropractic Care Is Expensive


Spinal Adjustments Hurt

This is quite the contrary. Many patients feel instant relief immediately after their treatments. In fact, most look forward to their future chiropractic treatments. In patients suffering from severe bouts of back or neck pain, some discomfort may be experienced, however, for most patients this is not the case.  


Chiropractors Only Treat Back Pain

Chiropractors provide effective treatment for all types of soft tissue disorders, not just back and neck ailments. This even includes conditions of the joints in the extremities like the ankle, knee and shoulder. What you may not be aware of is chiropractic’s success in treating a number of non-soft tissue conditions like dysmenorrhea, ulcers, migraine headaches, and ear infections in children. 


Chiropractic Care Is Expensive

Research clearly disproves this myth. Chiropractic care has been consistently shown to be cost effective in a number of government and workers’ compensation board studies.

According to one study out of Canada, it was said:

“There would be highly significant cost savings if more management of low-back pain was transferred from physicians to chiropractors… Users of chiropractic care have substantially lower health care costs, especially inpatient costs, than those who use medical care only.”

According to an economic analysis conducted in Richmond, Virginia:

“By every test of cost and effectiveness, the general weight of evidence shows chiropractic to provide important therapeutic benefits, at economical costs. Additionally, these benefits are achieved with apparently minimal, even negligible, impacts on the costs of health insurance.”


Our spinal tissues undergo daily bombardment of stresses originating from bad postural habits, suboptimal work environments, psychological stress, and hectic lifestyles just to name a few. For these reasons, after the resolution of acute problems patients are given the option to receive periodic spinal checkups which act to minimize the likelihood of future recurrences or development of new problems. 

So as these myths have been put out yet debunked, we at Royal Chiropractic Chiropractic and Wellness do our best to provide a top-notch and quality chiropractic service. Our friendly and knowledgeable office can figure out your spinal issue, and why your back or neck hurts and help you find a fix ASAP.

Please take this information about these myths and share it with others. Thank you for visiting the site. If you need chiropractic care, help with spinal decompression, looking for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or interventional pain management contact us at one of our several South Florida offices.


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