The Importance of Posture

The Importance of Posture

At some point in your life, somebody told you to “sit up straight” or “stand up straight”. We have all had this happen. The reason we were told this, is because we were probably slouching. In other words, we had bad posture. So what is posture, and why is it important to have “good posture”? Royal Palm Chiropractic & Wellness is going to explain. And the best part about it is that after you read about it, you can make an appointment with them so you can DO SOMETHING about it.


What is Posture?

Proper posture simply refers to maintaining the body in a position that protects against excessive stresses which cause injury. Posture plays a significant role in the development of chronic conditions such as chronic back and neck pain. Poor posture is responsible for overstretching ligaments and other supportive spinal structures as well as exhausting spinal musculature, all of which quickly leads to the development of chronic spinal pain.

Learning and practicing proper postural habits will help reduce the likelihood of acquiring back and neck injuries, reduce spinal degeneration, and help keep your spine and body happy and healthy.

What is Proper Seated Posture?

There are many jobs that require prolonged sitting. Prolonged sitting is a frequent cause of back and neck pain. And while extended periods of sitting are best avoided, for many, it’s a fact of life.

When sitting, it’s important to keep the back straight, knees bent, and head centered over the shoulders. Slouching forward may be comfortable and allow the spinal muscles to relax but gradually overstretches spinal ligaments, leading to back and neck pain among other problems. We always encourage patients to maintain a “neutral spine” position at all time is ideal.


What is Proper Standing Posture?

Although standing is something we do every day most of us have never really given the thought of proper standing a second thought. Many people are actually unaware that the way they stand can contribute to their back and neck problems.

Some general rules for proper standing would be to maintain a straight spine rather than slouching to the side avoid slouching forward or hyperextending. Also, keep your chin up with your head centered over the shoulders. Keep the feet slightly less than shoulder-width apart and keep the knees slightly bent. Finally, avoid standing still for long periods of time. Get a seat when you can to break up the standing.

We here at Royal Palm Chiropractic & Wellness hope that you have seen from this blog how important posture is. Please take the information and share it with others. If you need help with your posture, please contact Royal Palm Chiropractic & Wellness. Thank you for visiting the site. If you need chiropractic care, help with spinal decompression, looking for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or interventional pain management contact us at one of our several South Florida offices.



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